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MOVED TO [info]a_runawaybutler !

Thanks for hanging out with us here for awhile (or...for a long time...)! If you're at all interested, please check out the new graphics comm! Newest post is here! 21 profile codes and 128 icons, baby.

The reason for the move (that I should have announced a lot earlier, forgive me OTZ ) is mainly because...the name of this comm would have grated away at my brain forever. Shallow reason, I know. But little things dampen your spirit a lot, so...

ANYWAY, THANKS FOR A BLAST. Hopefully if nightcoffeebean finds any time, she'll post there someday as well~ (I'll probably run out of time as well, but eh.)
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A Durarara theme pack is linked beneath the cut for Windows 7 users.

FIXED. I actually tested it on my laptop and forced my sister to test it on her desktop to make certain this time. Also modified so that Izaya goes "Vroom VROOM" when you log on, snatched from episode 10 of the anime.

Contains & ;
Modification so that Izaya now goes "Vroom vroom," a soundbyte taken from episode 10, when you log into your computer. Credit for the idea goes to ironside . It sounds exactly the same as this clip:

No need to install. Windows 7 does it automatically for you.
20 wallpapers. Ones that looked damn cool. I tried to keep all of the walls neutral, so there are no explicit pairings--Shizuo & Izaya back-to-back in badass poses, sure, but other than a bromance here and there, should be okay for all. Those two and Masaomi seem rather popular, btw. All of the wallpapers were procured from anime wallpaper sites (TheOtaku, AnimePaper, etc.), as well as this very lj.

If anyone who might have created anything in regards to a wallpaper or wallpapers does not want said walls in the theme pack (although it's basically the same as the people directly downloading from their page anyway), just leave a comment and I'll take it off.

1 minute per wallpaper per rotation. IE. each wallpaper will stay for one minute before another one takes its place for a minute, and so on.
A triangular, translucent blue mouse. It functions much like a regular mouse, except that it changes from blue to other colors in differing situations (green for links, for example). Technically the one I've been using that I downloaded from here, and forgot to change before uploading... Nice and spiffy, regardless.
Screensaver is set at Windows default, "None."

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#3. [6] HETALIA ICONS : Official Christmas Germany&France art.

I created 6 Germany/France icons out of the recent official X-mas wallpaper on Himaruya's site. Because France's sexy pose and Germany's gaze not exactly directed at his book were pretty much begging for it.

These are hopefully predecessors to a number of pairing icons stuck inside my currently dead laptop...


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#2. NABARI NO OU LOVEBAR : Yukimi/Yoite.


Just a Yukimi/Yoite colorbar for those deprived.

This isn't the kind of pairing I'm into shipping, but
I understand how it feels like to ship a pairing hard but having few else among you to ship along.

Odd circumstance that occurred while typing previous statement: The combination of making this and whilst listening to Ali in the Jungle has me shipping the pairing now.

An easy-access code WUT.

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